Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vacation Book Wrap-up: Save the Bees & the Wicked Plants!!

I devour books when I'm on Vacation

Who knows why but if I forget (which I did this past trip) to bring books I have to go to buy some or I will go crazy. Its a weird tick I've developed lately. I don't know if its because when I'm home I feel like I should be orgranizing or straightening or baking or planning something to do (or watching Atlanta Housewives...Hey I make no excuses!!!)  But I never read as much as home as I do on vacation...

And then I forgot my books on my trip to Miami...

So we went to Books and Books on South Beach and not only did I find books but I found a book I had been looking for awhile - Wicked Plants and another called Fruitless Fall - The collapse of the Honey Bee and the ensuing Agricultural crisis. Now some people would look at these books and think they were a downer...I on the other hand find them FASCINATING....

Wicked Plants is almost really an encyclopedia of plants NOT TO EAT....That was my learning. Most plants that are in your garden will make you sick (note to self - no eating ornamental vegetation...) But there were some interesting stories about people with these Wicked Plants and their botanical atrocities....Great book.

The second could be considered a downer but this was a topic I had read about in the NY Times regarding CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder....Basically its all over if we cannot get these bees to stop dying. They are supposedly over-stressed - too much flyer (seriously but not their wings - planes), being feed Corn Syrup (WTF) and have more diseases than other types of bees.

I was recounting this to my best friend when she asked me in a laughing tone, why are you upsetting yourself on vacation? I see it less being upset and more like a lightbulb moment. These moments I enjoy but getting there is somewhat stressing...But I digress.

Get them both. They are wonderful and I am sad that I am already done reading them. The true sign of a good book.

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  1. You know I wasn't really laughing at you. More amused at this typical Tiffany idiosyncrasy. I think it's endearing.

    Thank God for people like you that push us to be more informed!


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