Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creepy Crawly Pie

It's baaaacck!

This month's theme: Creepy Pies

My pie may be seen by some gardeners as an insult. Worms are great for soil and a good sign that it's getting better. But ALOT of worms are creepy.

So my pie this month is Creepy Crawly Pie...

The biggest surprise in this pie is that it's not chocolate as the dirt would imply it's banana pudding filling. Two reasons: I didn't want to throw away overripe bananas and I love chocolate covered bananas.

This is a great combination.

First I made a blancmange (see below for recipe)

Then I added 2 large mashed up bananas

Pour into Graham cracker shell and refridgerate overnight

Then add crushed up chocolate sandwich cookies and gummy worms

VoilĂ !

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  1. Great! Kids would totally love this one!

  2. YUM! This is a cool cross between my Luscious Caramel Banana Pie and Patsy's Worm Pie---I love it! See, great minds really do think alike ;)

    Can't wait for next month's theme! (Also, be sure to include a link to this post in the comment section of the Great Big Pie Bake-Off blog so everyone can find it.)

  3. I'm petitioning for a slice. This looks good! I keep finding all these wonderful benefits to being your neighbor! ;-)

  4. I love your twist with the gummy worms! LOL! Too funny that we both were thinking the same way this month!


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