Friday, January 22, 2010

Chinese Food at Home

Its Thursday night and you come home from the gym sore b/c your instructor feels fat and wants to take it out on you...Your tired and hubby wants something to eat.

And you want Chinese food...

 Sometimes Chinese food is the best when you don't have to go out and get it.

The best part about this dish is that you can make it by throwing a few things together. I've used an extra chicken breast, extra skirt steak - you name it.  I always keep some sesame oil in my cupboard and fry up the chicken, broccoli and diced onion. Add some teriyaki sauce and simmer. Toward the end of the sauce is still a little watery you can use a little cornstarch mixed with a little water and add to the mixture.

While you are doing this you should be boiling your noodles (if you like lo mein) or steaming your rice. I'm in love with brown rice but it takes forever to cook (50 minutes on the stove)  But I found recently there is a short-cut in the microwave. For about 25 minutes in a microwave safe bowl.

You know what else is wonderful? Organic spicy chicken dumplings...Just steam and top with Teriyaki sauce... (Can you tell I love Teriyaki sauce???)

Sometimes after the hardest workout you just want junk food. And its better when you can make it from home.

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