Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

This weekend was a relaxing weekend.

Do you detect a note of surprise? Its there.

Since the holidays we've had a number of interesting incidents to keep us on our toes which hopefully ended with our new washing machine being delivered last weekend and our dog Hero going to the vet.

So this weekend I haven't felt like I was going crazy. In fact since the frantic clean fest that went on before knitting meet-up the house is in great shape. Of course this has always been a ploy I do to myself to get myself in gear. Invite people over and you force yourself to get the house together. It also forced me to put all the holiday decorations away and reorganize....

So this weekend we watched the football playoffs, knitted, we even went to the bookstore and Target just for gee whiz....

I even made Chocolate Chip Cookies and this time only for my hubby. Since the previous two weeks we've donated all baked goods to his co-workers....

I have found out one thing when making Chocolate Chip Cookies. Most all recipes are good if you make the cookies from scratch. I cannot stress this enough. No amount of mixes and store bought purchased dough are good enough to compare. Not even Barefoot Contessa's mixes (sorry Ina). My best friend who has recently taken up baking since the arrival of her Kitchen Aid Mixer this Christmas, also commented on this.

"There is no comparison between making them yourself and the dough you buy at the store!"

If you want really good cookies you have to use your own two hands. Plus you need to use good ingredients: Chocolate Chips (I use Giradelli but Hershey is just as good) and real butter and eggs.

Besides this epiphany....I have come to realize that baking these cookies were a really bad idea...I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in cookie dough and still have a crap load of cookies that we will probably have for two weeks...Sigh.

Maybe its not so bad pawning cookies off on unsuspecting copywritiers.

One man's uneeded calories are another man's fuel...

P.S....Thoughts on my blog header????


  1. Love the new header....and the cookies rock!!!

  2. for some reason Toby never shares these yummy delicacies with Jason....hmmmm....
    if he did, I would have to make sure Jason brought some home to me. If you get tired of those cookies, I know who you can pass them along too. Hope you are doing well! Selena

  3. Hooray for home-made cookies! Seriously, I passed some off and they kept asking if I put crack in them -- homemade is THAT good!
    I can't get over how much I love the new header. LOVE IT!

  4. Kim F said....

    I love the new header! It's so you; a perfect combination of classic and chic. And I have to agree that there is nothing like homeade cookies; store bought can not compare!


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