Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Cup of Rant - Super Organized Women

So today I got this email from Real Simple about really organized women and tips you can learn to organize your house....Its January and I'm down with a few pointers. I think everyone is looking to consolidate and organize in the New year, right?

Then I open up this email and read the stories of the OCD Super Organized women....

Woman #1:  Lables, Alphabetizes and Categorizes over 30 spices in her pantry. And coordinates the spices & grains in her cabinet. Really???? Seriously? Here is a tip. Spices lose their punch REAL fast.... I'm thinking she is not using more then 10 of those spices in a week. Give me a break....Bonus Round: “I was labeling things with my computer long before I had a label maker. Even my label maker has a label on it that says ROBIN.” 

Woman #2:  "A photo filing system that holds a decade’s worth of family shots, beautifully organized on colorful CDs." Ummm I'm pretty sure you can keep the photos digitally archived on a removable hard drive or FLICKR that would take up less space then a whole cabinet of CD's??? What are you, Blockbuster?

Woman #3: "Inside Margot’s impeccable closet are two drawers set up to house 15 pairs of shoes each. Wedge-shaped wood inserts run the length of the drawers to keep everything in place. Short boots sit just above; tall boots live in the back. Margot’s toddler daughter enjoys a similarly soothing shoe-scape."  Seriously? Not as crazy as the first two but when you start making your toddler have the same set-up as you do for your Jimmy Choos, you've clearly gone overboardBonus Round: "As a kid, I would organize my sister’s soap collection when she wasn’t looking".....This is really sad....

Woman #4 "One wall of Janet’s spare room is outfitted with drawers that house 30 rolls of paper and 100 spools of ribbon. There’s a closet with hold-for-later presents and a glass-topped counter for wrapping." Who are you Santa Claus??????

Nesting Project Advice
Since my blog caters to those of us who are really time deficient here are a couple of my suggestions for organizing your house:

1. Identify areas that are always cluttered and try to find storage containers or a new system that will help organize it for you. Write a list of storage containers needed down and slip this list into your purse for when you are shopping and happen by the storage aisle.

2. If your shoes are on the floor and and always cluttered buy some shoe storage boxes (plastic or cardboard) Take a picture of the shoes and put it on the outside of the box (plastic ones are see thru so this step isn't needed)

3. Re-organize at least one closet a weekend - Keep doing this even if it doesn't look cluttered. Make the rounds. You can always do better and see knew ways of doing things. Especially when its not a disaster)

4. Bring your work efficiency home. Buy a small filing system for your bills, warranties, receipts, etc. As soon as the mail comes in stand by the filing system, open the mail discard what you don't need and file everything away. OR do online bill pay and go paperless...Its huge at eliminating clutter.

5. Reevaluate your organization every three months...There isn't an end to this. Its a fluid system that will change with your family. Don't get discouraged - take baby-steps and you'll be fine...

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