Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy Pork Lo Mein Recipe

In the food realm I'm a big fan of reruns...Or should I say re-mixes?

Let me clarify that...I'm always looking for ways to make one dish into another....

I can take this Roast and make it into:

A side dish at breakfast with eggs (or Green eggs and Ham for all of you Dr. Seuss Fans)
Sliced with Potatoes Au Gratin
Barbecue Chopped Pork Sandwich
Pork Lo Mein

You get the gist....That way I'm not just serving Pork Roast for leftovers....AGAIN.

And when you are cooking for two and wanting to stretch your dollar this approach makes a lot of sense. And it cuts down on a lot of the thinking you have to do for dinner...

Which is the best part....

Pork Lo Mein
2 cups chopped pork from Boston Butt Roast
1/2 cup Teriyaki Sauce
2 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 shallot
1 bag frozen Stir Fry Mix
1 box spaghetti
Fancify: Add a scrambled egg to final mixture or use rice instead of noodles.

Combine oils in skillet and add shallots. Cook on med high heat until translucent and add pork and teriyaki sauce. Start boiling the spaghetti. Cook for about 10 minutes to reheat the pork and crisp outside. Add the Stir Fry mix and cook until heated through.Strain the spaghetti and combine with pork stir fry mixture...

Throw away Chinese take-out menus cluttering your fridge. There now you've also done some spring cleaning. This is what we call "added value".


  1. This totally calls for a Rachel Ray-ism: "YUMM-O!" I totally want to reach into my computer screen and have some. Instead, I'm snacking on broccoli. it just ain't the same.

  2. Can you substitute the pork for chicken?

  3. Most definitely. Chicken is a great substitute.


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