Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

I can count on my husband for a lot of things but making me breakfast for my birthday isn't one of them.

Unless I want grilled cheese for breakfast, then it's no problem.

So in an effort to continue to use my gems from the Farmer's Market, I made French Toast (classic with some leftover French Bread) and drizzeled some of my fresh local honey over it...I'm not a big syrup fan (why hide the taste of the French Toast when its homemade?) but this was amazing... And easy. I did not really slave in the kitchen this weekend...(tsk tsk, Nesting Project...)

And then (for the fun part) I got to do some of my birthday present shopping at the Sunday Chattanooga's Farmer's Market...

The Dahlia Society was there selling new and interesting varieties - I picked up a few.

I also got some new varieties of sage and a couple of large raspberry and blueberry bushes.

I'm off to plan all the pies and desserts I'm going to make with new berry bushes....
The eating will be so good.

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  1. hope you had a great birthday!! Your French toast looks wonderful!!


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