Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinner at Prime 112

One of my husband's favorite restaurants in Miami is easily Prime 112.  It's the "It" place right now in Miami. However, we are not "It" people so we made an early reservation to get in.

No doubt, its a great restaurant with a menu that boasts a variety of aged meats and fresh seafood along with sides that include Sweet Plantains and Truffled Mac N Cheese.

Its decadent to say the least.

I miss the fresh seafood of Florida. And so I was determined on this trip to eat plenty of it. Enter the Grouper stuffed with Crab. It was rich and wonderful and extremely delicate. My husband got the 8 oz Filet with a Goat Cheese Chapeaux and then there were the sides....

The sides....

We did get the Truffled Mac N Cheese and from now on I will not rest until I learn to make this at home...

As you are my witness I will never go hungry again from not having Truffled Mac N Cheese.

And if that isn't enough we also had Chocolate Pudding Cake...We clearly don't know when to say when...


  1. That is the exact meal I had at Prime 112 last summer. It was the best meal I have had in a very long time. The grouper was out of this world and the truffle mac and cheese was indescribably delicious! Although we waited over 2 hours past our reservation, everything was SO worth the wait!

  2. It's so funny, I've lived down here all my life yet I rarely eat in Miami. You've got me drooling though.

    And that truffled mac & cheese? It reminds me of a recipe I saw Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa) make. She does this mac & cheese with gruyere and cheddar, and her trick is to use *truffle butter*. So many the recipe would be a good jumping off point:


    It looks sooo good but somehow this recipe doesn't quite fit in with my whole eating healthier thing so I've yet to try it myself. :)

  3. Did you find the recipe for this? It's my fav mac and cheese ever!

  4. I substituted truffle butter in Martha Stewart's Mac N Cheese recipe. It was just like Prime 112.

  5. I am from Miami and moved to the Philly area. When people ask me what to eat, the Truffle Mac and Cheese is the one food item I tell people they MUST get.


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