Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking My Love of Food To Miami

(Chicharron de Calamari)

I had the chance to take a short trip to Miami on my vacation (when I planned to stay home and get chores done) and I took said chance...

And after the first day I can really say I'm glad I did it. Yes its just for a couple of days but I get the best of both worlds - a few days to vegetate and the rest to get stuff done. Because after a couple of days I get antsy... Like making to-do lists in my head antsy and checking my work email antsy until my husband confiscates said PDA and then takes my fun along with it...


So while I'm here in Miami food is a major part of why of I love this place. But I'm on hubby's turf now...He travels here a lot for business and knows the restaurant scene well. So this is where he makes the plans and I follow along... Its a nice change of pace.

Our first foray in eating was a snack at The Raleigh by the pool. We ordered the Chicharron de Calarmai and the Mussels & Frites. The mussels had a wonderful lemongrass flavored sauce that was perfect with the crispy frites and the Chicharron de Calamari was served with a Piquillo Pepper Aioli & Cayenne Glazed Cashews. The spiciness and aioli were perfect together just like vacation and Miami.

(Mussels & Frites)
It was an unfussy laid back beginning to our couple of days here in South Beach and I'm looking forward to sharing the rest....After dinner.

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  1. sounds like your having a great time....thanks for sharing your adventures!


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