Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turquoise Is The New Black

In the kitchen, I love color. Everywhere else I'm afraid to use color. In fact our entire house is this beautiful creamy yellow color - inside and out. Its nice and neutral without being a boring beige. Everything was the same color, that is, before I decided to jump off the deep end and do something completely out of my comfort zone.

I was reading Fresh Home Magazine - my new favorite DIY magazine. (besides the fact that they still don't have a viable website yet) They declared in the new Spring issue that "THE" color for home decor this season was turquoise.

Game on...

So I did a canonball in the deep end of the pool to see what would happen. Actually I'm pretty excited with this first attempt. I was really hoping it wouldn't turn out into some neon 80's weird color. And next to my white beadboard in the bathroom it really pops...

I'm off to search for other new paint colors...


  1. I *love* it!!! Absolutely gorgeous.

    But I completely adore bold paint colors (you should see my apartment omg). I'm not scared of paint anymore because I realized if I don't like it, I can just repaint. I'm just out a gallon or two of paint and a few hours. (I actually did repaint my green entryway after a few months to a slightly lighter/bluer shade of kelly green!)

    Anyway. One of the first rooms we did was the guest bath, in a gorgeous, deep turquoise. Over a year later it's still my favorite in the apartment. I almost feel like I'm in the ocean when I'm in there! Teals work so well in bathrooms. And yours looks fabulous with all the white. :)

  2. Thanks! Its good to know that starting with the guest bathroom was the right road to take. And that is cool we both picked the same color palate..

    You are so right. If the color is bad you can always paint over it. I really need to beat that into my head...

  3. it looks so good!!! white and turquoise is one of my FAVORITE color combinations too :)

  4. Now I totally want to paint my bathroom!!!


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