Saturday, June 26, 2010

Provolone Cheese Grits

When I moved from South Florida to the South, I found out real fast that a real Southern breakfast always includes grits.

But the best grits I've ever had were cheese grits.When I worked at a Bed and Breakfast, the Chef and I were in the kitchen one morning waiting for Sunday breakfast service to start. And we started experimenting with the grits. By the time it was said and done we had created Asiago Cheese Grits with Cumin. They were wonderful. Although, this morning as I'm looking at my refrigerator, I know I don't have any Asiago cheese.

I have two cheeses to choose from. In one corner we have shredded cheddar cheese. The well known experienced fighter of the cheese world. In the other corner we have Provolone Cheese. A lesser known underdog . 

I choose the underdog along with some Italian seasoning. Its creamy and the perfect take on a Southern classic. Don't buy the instant grits. A little while longer and you can have the real thing which is far worth the time. I was lucky to have locally farmed and milled grits that made me wonder why I hadn't made grits in a while. This recipe will help me remember.

Provolone Cheese Grits
2 cups water
1 cups regular grits (not instant)
5 ounces provolone cheese
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp Italian Seasoning

Heat the water until boiling and add the salt. Lower to medium and add the grits and stir until creamy (about 20 minutes). Add the provolone cheese and Italian seasoning. And stir until completely melted.


  1. I am mostly from the South (moved around a lot growing up) and I have to say, although I've ordered grits in restaurants, I've never made them! For shame. Never thought of putting provolone in grits, but they sound delicious!

  2. I love grits! I just made some with some different kind of cheese (graskaas) and mushrooms but they did not turn out very well :(

  3. This was delicious with instant polenta, as well. Yummm :)


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