Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Sewing Project - Teacup Napkins

I have sewing in my genetic code. However, In my house my mother was not the one who sewed our buttons back on or even our Brownie or Girl Scout Badges.

It was my father.

My great-grandmother on my mother's side was a seamstress in New York in the Garment District. My grandmother (my father's mother) is quite an accomplished seamstress as well. My father had experience sewing on badges as a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy. And when he sewed ours on they were perfect.

Through all this I never really learned to sew until last year when I took a class with my best friend. And last weekend we continued to learn when we went to Atlanta see Dana from Made give a Mystery workshop and demonstration. The workshop was held at Whipstich, a beautiful fabric store. Which was dangerous because I fell in love with so many of their fabrics.

One fabric I loved in particular was Metro Cafe. An beautiful fabric of teacups. I knew it would make adorable napkins. So to continue my craft I decided to make napkins this weekend.

And in order to stretch myself I figured out a project to make with the scraps: a matching tea towel.

If you are new to sewing, napkins are the best way to gain confidence. Just cut a 22 inch square of fabric and fold over an inch on each side. Half that allowance and tuck in a half inch underneath so you can't see the raw edge. Iron the edges to help keep in place and then pin.  At the corners make sure you cut out the extra fabric that is folded over. This is called a mitered seam.

The more I learn the more fun I have. Hopefully my skill level with catch up with my family tree soon.

And in honor of my Dad, Happy Father's Day. Thanks for all the little things you did for me. Including sewing my patches. And for having the most precise stiches I've ever seen.

You're the best.

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  1. I want that fabric! It is divine and your project is beautiful. Great job.


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