Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend Recap

(Toby and I - you see how happy we can be when we have another day off?)

Three day weekends are the best.

In fact I really wish I could go back to this past weekend where I had the time to cook, bake, sew and even start some embroidery projects. It was absolutely lovely...

Although there are sometimes challenges:

On Saturday we were able to go to Chattanooga's Pop's in the Park and enjoy the Chattanooga Symphony. The weather even cooperated and once it started to set, it felt absolutely great. So we brought a massive picnic with miniature chicken parm sandwiches and sausage and pepper hoagies. Our friends brought the most amazing pasta salad and we had loads of Prosecca (a little too much Prosecca but I guess that's what Ibupropen is for right?)

But then there is the downside to citywide free celebrations of fireworks like people showing up the morning of and using police tape to reserve their area and then leave. Meanwhile I get there a few hours early to sit in the hot sun and melt like a hershey bar. Either I'm stupid or they are incredible jerks.

Either way we found our usual spot (said jerks were smart enough not to tape off that area, or said tape would have been in said garbage can...)

We did have a great time with our friends Stephanie and Aaron. And are so happy they were able to join us again.

And during this fab weekend - it turned hotter on Sunday and Monday and I decided to use all that sorbet I was creating for this:

I softened each flavor of sorbet (Cherry Key Lime, Coconut and Blueberry) and I lined a small bowl with Saran Wrap. I layered in each flavor and then covered with Saran Wrap to re-freeze and get hardened. I then sliced it to enjoy. Perfect for the rest of the summer as well! And use all that sorbet or ice cream you've been making. (if you are as obsessed as I am) The only thing I would do differenet is to heat a knife with warm water, wipe dry and run along the outside to smooth out the saran wrap lines. 

As you can see I was in too much of a hurry to consume. 

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  1. Nice! It's seriously the best treat during the summer. You know I'm becoming obsessed haha.
    In fact I stopped over here specifically because I have tons of strawberries to use up, and I needed your strawberry balsamic sorbet recipe!


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