Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coconut Flavored Rice Krispies Treats

Ok so maybe I'm not in the mood for something fancy on this lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm the one who has to live with myself. Lately all I see in the grocery store are marshmallows for smores due to the fact that fall is on the horizon. I had a weak moment and bought a large bag. Instead of smores however, I decided to make Rice Krispies Treats.

Let's face it, Rice Krispies Treats are comforting.

It doesn't hurt that these treats are easy to make and not really complicated either. In my opinion like most things, they are better made from scratch.  It also doesn't hurt to bring some new flavors into the dessert to make it different. While you are making the Rice Krispies Treats recipe add 2 tsp of Coconut flavoring and add it to the marshmallows as they are melting on the stove. And while they are setting  add 1 cup of coconut flakes to the top.

See....At least I was creative.


  1. I like to put peanut butter mini chips in mine!

  2. I haven't made rice krispie treats in ages - love the addition of coconut!

  3. I put butterscotch chips in mine and love it.
    Great texture in yours!

  4. I *love* coconut--never thought to put it in Rice Krispie treats. See, you *were* creative ;) Love them :)

  5. there's no end to the number of ways one can mix up rice krispies treats, but i'll be honest--this would be my recipe of choice. i simply can't get enough coconut, and in this instance, it'd add so much in flavor AND texture. great idea, you creative gal, you. :)


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