Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Not all of my blog posts are going to be sexy. Some of them are going to show you that sometimes you have to roll with the punches and get creative. Sometimes its easier than others. Like this story.

Some things make no sense to me - like when you see three Filet Mignons in one package. So when I sent my husband out for preparations to make our anniversary dinner and he came back with a package of three Filet Mignons, I was annoyed. Four I can understand, three I do not. I'm into even numbers. I can even see the reasoning behind one steak but not three. But I digress.

Either way, the next day I had a leftover steak. 

So on Sunday morning when I was deciding on what I would cook for breakfast, I thought about the leftover steak. So I made it super easy on myself and made it into a steak and egg sandwiches for both of us. Filet Mignon for breakfast is definitely the way to go. 

Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches
1 Filet Mignon steak
6 eggs
4 slices of fresh bread (Italian, Ciabiatta)
Salt and pepper to taste

Just slice and fry up the steak on medium. Once the steak is nearly cooked, add about 6 eggs beaten into the pan. Season with salt and pepper and slice some fresh bread to put the steak and eggs between.

I'm a fan of the three steak package now. 


  1. I think it was 2 for him, 1 for you. =) This is what I'd like to wake up to.

  2. YUM! We do this with ham right after Easter so we can use up the leftovers, but I bet Nathan would love this with steak...and I have some sitting in my freezer. Hmm...

  3. I think that was the perfect solution for that leftover steak, you still got to share it!!

  4. This is my husband's all-time favorite breakfast!

  5. HECK YES! I love steak and eggs! It is truly the best way to use your leftover steak!

  6. i love steak for breakfast! i usually had it in a burrito! this sounds so fun!

  7. Genius! I love a filet and in a breakfast sammie - wonderful


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