Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Felt Wreath

Normally I love to decorate for fall but I fell a little behind this year. And since we spend the holidays with my family, I have a strict November 1st Christmas decorating schedule. I basically needed an easy craft project to show fall had arrived at my house.

Recently I came across this great blog post from The Pretty Poppy about how to make a cute felt wreath in the shape of roses. While I loved the idea of a white rose wreath, I needed a fall wreath. So I raided my felt collection to find the appropriate fall colors. Instead of cutting circles out of the felt and constructing a rose, I decided to cut different sizes of 1 inch wide (about 5 inches long) and 1/2 inch strips of felt and roll them.  You get a neat effect of different sizes. Get a glue gun and then glue the ends of the felt and then glue the felt to the wreath. Since its fall it's very appropriate to leave some of the grapevine showing.  It's an easy way to decorate for fall.

Now about Christmas....That's another story so stay tuned.


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