Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Holiday Specialty Appliances To Make Baking Easier

Breville Pie Maker

Can someone say Easybake Oven?

That's all I can think about when I see the recent trends in specialty appliances that are coming out for this holiday season. It started with the Pie Maker Gift set on the Williams Sonoma website.  It seemed like a mirage until I saw it again in the catalog. A waffle iron type contraption that you can make 4 individual pies and it will crimp the top crust onto the little pie.

Babycakes Cupcake Maker
 Then I was perusing the sale papers for Black Friday and saw the Babycakes Cupcake Maker at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It makes 5-8 cupcakes in 8 minutes... Clearly I was out of the loop so I decided to do some internet searches on what other new appliances were around. Then I ran across this electric cookie press from Cuisinart. No more struggling with pressing cooking dough through little discs on your own. There's a new cookie press in town and its got its own mojo.
Electric Cookie Press from Cuisinart
It seems like we've regressed to our childhood with tabletop specialty appliances that are geared towards making your baking needs easier.  The funny part is that I never had an easybake oven and stood in awe of my friends who had them. Now that I'm older I can make good on this need was never fulfilled.

Oh wait no I can't...

Let me explain: while I love my older cottage home, I don't have a lot of kitchen storage. Since I have these space issues I have to be careful which appliances I choose to take the little space I have. For most bakers who are established you won't find you need these tools but I can't help thinking that these are the perfect gifts for those loved ones who are just beginning. So give the gift of an adult easybake oven - you have plenty to choose from.


  1. An EasyBake...awesome...I too need to be careful of how many appliances to have around.

  2. I always wanted an EasyBake as well. But a cupcake or pie maker? Um... I'm kind of baffled--that's what an oven and muffin tins are for (they work for mini pies too!). Don't get it.

    An electric cookie press I can get behind. My mild carpal tunnel flares up after a date with the cookie press.

  3. I completely agree with you. I think they are preying on those who love kitchen gadgets or those who are new to it.

    That cookie press has to be a genius idea though.

  4. I always wanted an Easybake oven. . .maybe the cupcake maker will make up for it ;)


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