Friday, January 7, 2011

Scenes from Christmas 2010

There is nothing sadder than taking down a Christmas tree. 

Now that we're about to close the first week of the New Year and as I take the Christmas decorations down I thought I would revisit my favorite scenes from Christmas 2010. I would have done this earlier but the flu kept me from a lot of my plans during the holidays.

Either way we were able to get the first white Christmas in Chattanooga, TN in about 26 years. So we were blessed to have some amazing highlights and photos to share. Thankfully we have this year to look forward to and more memories to make.

My husband Toby and our two dogs roughing it in the snow.

Our dog Hero with her Christmas present

My Snow Villages (a gift from my dear friend Becky Conner) were one of the hightlights of my Christmas. I loved every moment they were up.

Happy New Years!!!


  1. I finally got to taking down my Christmas decorations today! Always a little sad, but fun to move on at the same time. Great pics- how fun you got snow!


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