Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give A Rose Bush for Valentine's Day

This all started when I decided that I would much rather get a floral wreath then a dozen roses for Valentine's Day. I was admiring the beautiful Lavender heart wreaths and Rose wreaths in the Williams Sonoma catalog. Then some of you weighed in on the whole obligatory red roses for Valentine's Day vs. something different like floral wreaths. Other ideas like potted roses were offered and I have to say I completely agree with these ideas. I'm sort of a closet rose bush collector. 

For our first anniversary my husband bought me four bare root David Austen roses.  They were doing great until someone mowed over one of them. I was devastated and a meltdown of epic proportion ensued.  Then I waited and waited to see if it would live. There were all the reassuring comments about how it would come back in the spring....And last spring it did. Seeing those roses bloom in the spring and summer are a present that continues to give me presents.  

With a little help from my readers and the February issue of Southern Living, I made my way to http://www.davidaustenroses.com.  Here are four of my favorite potted roses that they offer for Valentine's Day.  It's not just one gift, it's many gifts you'll have forever.

  1. Princess Alexandra of Kent 
  2. Lady Emma Hamilton 
  3. William Shakespeare 2000 
  4. Molineux

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  1. Your roses are quite lovely. I hope those you add to your collection this year thrive. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary


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