Friday, April 8, 2011

Bacon Egg & Cheese on a Kaiser Roll

I've been a huge fan of the Kaiser roll lately.

It all started with a new burger place in town. All of their gourmet burgers are on freshly baked Kaiser rolls. For me it seemed like the roll wouldn't be able to stand up to a burger patty with all the fixings. Not only did it stand up to it, but it soaked up all the burger juices too.


So, a week ago as I was making preparations to leave on a business trip, I made my husband a going away breakfast. Still remembering the ability to soak up the flavors, I decided to try it as a component to a breakfast sandwich. I'm a huge fan of runny eggs and paired with a Kaiser roll it soaked it up completely. Then I paired it with shaved aged gouda and thick-cut bacon. If you don't already use Kaiser rolls, I highly recommend adding them to your repertoire.

My husband asked for an extra sandwich to be made so he could eat it after I was gone. I doubt he missed me.


  1. that looks so GOUDA, he he. I just nommed on some from TJ's last night. I think I might try it with this is the am.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Runny egg yolks soaked into good bread? Yeah I'm a happy Witch indeed :) I have a bunch of French rolls kickin' around here, maybe they'll become breakfast sandwiches, too :)

  3. This is totally my kind of breakfast!

  4. This looks like one heck of a breakfast sandwich! I'm a lover of the runny egg, myself, and to pair it with a kaiser roll is just perfect!

  5. This looks totally awesome!!!I love a breakfast sandwich that is out of the ordinary.

  6. Oh yummmmm! I love kaiser rolls, and this is taking them to another level... beautiful job!

  7. Damn that roll looks amazing - and right now in Australia it is breakfast time (well 9.30am - and I'm at work, but I'd love to send my assistant out to find me one of these)


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