Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Beginnings

It's hard to believe your life can change so quickly within the span of less than a year but I'm here to attest to you that it certainly can - and has for me.

It seems like a few weeks ago that I found out we were going to start our family. Then the tiredness and morning sickness set in and my posts became far and few between. But I still thought I could keep the blog going pretty regularly. One post a week or every other week isn't asking too much, right????


Besides the tiredness and of course the fact that I have a job that became even more demanding (yes, I have impeccable timing) there were new projects to do: baby registry, loooooonnnnng overdue home projects that needed to be complete so we could welcome home baby into the perfect surroundings, decorating the baby's room and yes finding that perfect non-toxic paint that would make everything perfect.  Blogging became a distant memory for me. Cooking, however did not. Cooking and baking still took place in my newly organized kitchen. However, getting to the point of photographing the finished product rarely happened. The above photo is one of the few (from back in December) where I managed to capture proof that I did indeed cook even though it wasn't what I would call "inspired". However, when you're making breakfast sometimes a cute little individual dish is all you need to turn the basic hash brown and eggs into something cute and easy to make.

So now I'm sitting in my kitchen office with the windows open and finally ready to get back to what I loved to do - blogging and photography, cooking new recipes, crafting new things but this time I get to look at this precious little face. 

I am truly blessed.


  1. yay! Welcome back! Now give me something creative to cook for dinner! :)

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to following along on your creative/cooking endeavors while learning the ropes to motherhood. It is truly a spectacular journey.


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