Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIF - Baby Photos & Weekend Breakfasts

When you're on maternity leave with a new baby the days seem to melt into night and melt into day again. You find yourself drifting away from the structure of the office environment. But there has always been two things that I want to accomplish every day: wash the dishes and make my bed. Everything else is a bonus. But one additional thing I've managed to do is get Sophia and I on a little schedule. As soon as we come downstairs we go into my little office nook off the kitchen and she sits in her bouncy seat and I check email with a cup of coffee (cold by then but it does the job anyways), plan meals, make lists and pay bills.  But I keep my camera ready for moments like these when I can capture the perfect photo.

I'm practicing my skills quite a bit these days....

Weekend breakfasts are on my mind and the fresh strawberries at the market are inspiring me and hopefully my new photography skills will help with my food photography as well.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my idea. But until then look at these past weekend breakfasts for inspiration. It's been a wonderful week in our family and I wish a great weekend for everyone!

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  1. Hope you enjoy a great weekend T! Sophia is adorable. What kind of camera are you using? Did you upgrade once the baby came along?


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