Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gardening Update: The Redbuds are coming!

There are things that take a back seat when the going get's tough at work. Then add a baby to it and you have the equivalent to chaos in the garden. So lately I've been slowly but surely taking that valuable time period called NAPTIME to bring order to the galaxy. 

Weeds amaze me. The are constantly giving me the equivalent of the middle finger when it comes to reappearing in my garden and the biggest culprit is the Redbud. This technically isn't a weed but a tree and is beautiful in the spring with it's bright pink blooms. I'm here to tell you that those bright pink blooms have a price, my friends, and that cost is thousands of tree sprouts in your garden that grow fast and try to take over like nobody's business. 

I've been cutting and pulling these bad boys for two weeks and just when I think I've gotten them all I push a plant back and there is another hiding in the wings until it get's big enough that it's so hard to pull it up I feel like I need a back hoe.

So the next time you gaze upon this pretty tree in the spring and admire just you remember the cost it's taken on my hands.... You've been warned.


  1. Redbuds are one of my favorites! I just love the color so much!

  2. so true lots of weeds to clean out sometimes I leave it for a little as I don't want to remove the wrong plant

  3. I love redbud trees. I have been trying to get some growing here. I have finally gotten 2 of them to take off. But would love more of them. They are beautiful trees. If you need to get rid of more, I'd love some!


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