Thursday, July 5, 2012

My New DIY Removable Clothesline

Summers in South Florida are really hot. One of my least favorite things to do when we were off from school was putting out the laundry to dry on my Mother's clothesline. To this day I don't know why I really didn't like it besides the fact that it was a chore and I had to brave the intensely humid and hot elements.

I remembered this when reflecting on the 100 degree temperatures we've seen here in Chattanooga (12 hours NORTH of where I grew up in Florida and decidedly HOTTER) lately and wondered why I wasn't capitalizing on the heat and drying my clothes on a clothesline? Especially since this little one has added to our amount of clothing being washed.

I decided I would have to construct one right away. The only problem? I have zero back yard.... Now our front yard we have no problem. There is tons of space for my ever increasing cottage garden. But seriously: who wants to hang out their laundry in their front yard? Not I...

So off to searching the internet for a solution and I found one and the best part was I could use my new power drill. Yes.... I found this tutorial that was not only perfect for a removable clothesline but it was super inexpensive to make $20. So after surveying my situation I found two perfect trees on the side of my house. So I had a chat with my neighbor and found out that she had always wanted to construct a clothesline too. So I made two clothes lines one for me and one for her. I installed the two eyebolts into the tree and either one of us can attach our clothes line and start drying. Neighborly harmony, helping the environment and saving money. It's a total win/win.

For now I'll start with the baby clothes (drying all your laundry on a single clothesline can be time consuming right?) and I'll see how it goes but I'm looking forward to the wonderful smell of clothes fresh from the clothesline.

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  1. I love my clothesline. But sometimes it is so hot out there hanging loads of clothes. It sounds like you found a good solution. I'm right outside Chatt. in Ga. Didn't realize there was a fellow blogger so close! Enjoy that clotheslone! It only takes about an hour to dry these days.


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