About Me

I'm an Interactive Marketer that has always worked long hours and thought of my career first. But at the same time I've always spent a lot of time cooking, baking, & gardening to balance work out. Its my creativity outlet. I've picked up tips and created some of my own so I'd be able to balance work and home with the limited time we working girls have.

I feel strongly that you can cook from scratch and be a working girl and not miss a beat. Nothing makes me sadder to hear one of my friends tell me the infamous words, "I hate to cook." Its my mission to show them you don't have to vapor lock every time you have to make dinner, bake something for a coworkers birthday or have dinner parties.

You can do it all, just not at the same time. These words are true in so many ways. In the summer, I make recipes that are simpler using in season and fresh produce. They take less time and give me the ability to garden. In the winter, I knit more, bake and sew since I'm indoors more. It's all a balance.

So I hope you'll enjoy my nesting adventures. Together we can rock the boardroom and domesticity without skipping a beat.

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