Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend With The Family

Its unusual lately, but this weekend was relaxing and free from stress. Coupled with a very rainy weekend and the NFL Champsionships and that makes for some prime couch time.

One of my specialties is my popcorn. I learned how to make it from Michael Chiarello... You basically use regular popcorn kernels, some olive oil and whatever toppings your like.

It takes the same time that it would to pop it from the bag and it tastes exponentially better...

First you pour olive oil to cover the bottom of a dutch oven or heavy bottomed sauce pan.
Pour kernels in a single layer to cover the bottom.
Heat up the oil & kernels (with top on) until you start to hear mass popping.
Now here is the kicker: At first you will hear alot of popping but eventually it will start to slow down. Lower the heat and shake the pot (with top on) a  little and gradually lower the temperature until most of your kernels are popped. (it may take a few times to get this down)

In the meantime melt some butter. Once you empty your newly popped popcorn into a bowl drizzle the butter over the top then sprinkle salt.
I also sprinkle Italian Seasoning over the popcorn as well and.....
Grated Aged Gouda...

And this kind of Cheesy Popcorn won't turn your fingers orange..
Go figure.

Once you have your popcorn proceed to enjoy your family and relax....

1 comment:

  1. Cool tip. And here I thought my dutch oven is only good for roasting chickens....

    Now can I make some kettle corn?


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