Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why You Should Never Make Your Husband a Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes you can be too good of a wife...

A while ago I shared that I made my husband breakfast sandwiches every morning. This is how it happened....If you read this blog you know that I always do up a big breakfast on the weekends. Chalk it up to my slavery hospitality background or whatever.... I had made amazing waffles. There were leftovers and I clearly had 3 choices: Eat them and add two more inches to my hips, throw them away or find a use for them that made me feel I had not wasted three hours of my life on a breakfast for two people. So I took said waffles, made and egg, slapped some cheese on it and wrapped it up for hubby's breakfast the next day...

He was a fan....

In fact he came home and said that he didn't want to buy his boxed sandwiches anymore because he didn't know how good a breakfast sandwich could be until he had mine.

Clearly he knows how to work me...

So, I feeling very appreciated said "No problem! I can make them every day for you"

Clearly I am also a sucker...

And while I love the idea of making my husband breakfast sandwiches to take to work, I really love the idea of those little boxed sandwiches a little more right now. Because I am really sick of those sandwiches...


  1. LOL!!

    Mr. D LOVES my breakfast sandwiches. 3 fried eggs, slightly oozie, salt, pepper, and cheese - sometimes pepper jack, sometimes muenster or mozzarella on whole grain toast.

    Every weekend when I make them he says "we should open a breakfast sandwich shop and you should make these for everyone"

    Crazy how these fellas like their egg sandwiches!

  2. funny - my hubby like friend egg with cheese sandwiches too. he likes to add fake sausage (we are vegetarians) and sometimes goat cheese.

  3. I well remember my mother-in-law's sage advice: Never make breakfast once if you don't want to make it every day:-)

  4. my DH loves breakfast sandwiches too. i fry up an egg, toss it on a toasted everything bagel with a slice of sharp cheddar and a few slices of lunchmeat ham that i fried for a few minutes with the egg. yum!


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