Friday, March 5, 2010

Chocolate Fridays

Fridays and Chocolate just go well together.

And right before I was about to post this entry I realized that last Friday I posted my Chocolate Pots de Creme and today (obviously) I'm posting my Nutella Ice Cream.

It was obviously in my subconscious so we'll go with it...

In fact Nutella seems to be in the subconscious a lot lately because on Wednesday when I brought out the Nutella ice cream, my best friend said, "I just told someone that I wanted a big bowl of Nutella after the week I've had"

It really does work miracles.

Anyway, I found this recipe here while I was searching for something on Foodgawker.

Its SO EASY...

1/12 cups Nutella
1 1/2 cups of (roughly one can) of evaporated milk

My Addition
2 cups chopped Pecans
1 tbsp of cinnamon

Just combine the Nutella, cinnamon and evaporated milk and put in refrigerator until chilled through. Then put in your ice cream machine. Right before its done churning add in the pecans. Put in freezer.

The best part about this besides being so easy is that its always creamy even when you take it right out of the freezer. Its a great way to start the weekend...


  1. YUMMMM minus the pecans

  2. I'm still talking about this ice cream. It was brilliant!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. 1 and half cups nutella?

  5. Wow, I made this just last month ( and never thought to add cinnamon - that is such a great idea. I love how chocolate and cinnamon taste together!

  6. THAT easy?!?!?! I am so making this!

  7. I still can't believe it's that easy! Really?! I love Nutella, it's one of my favourite things in the world! I think of it as its own food group.

  8. I am sorry but I tried this and it was terrible. Weird texture, too sweet, too heavy and too strong. I guess if you were on a restricted diet it would be OK but I would rather a little fat and effort and make something delicious.

  9. It is interesting that you had Texture issues as mine was smooth like gelato. And yes it is a rich ice cream. But to each his own I guess. Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I think I've died and gone to Nutella heaven!


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