Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Fridays - Honey Oatmeal Cookies

Going to the farmer's market always does my soul good.

Instead of trudging to Walmart where I'm trying to get out of there as fast as possible, I can be outside (the first time since I arrived at work) and shop in peace. I can speak to the local vendors and hear their stories.

They have great stories.

Stories of how their love of farming, bee keeping, the environment, or horticulture moved them to make it their living. And how its hard. So many people don't value local organic foods and how it helps your overall health and the environment.  But it also supports others in doing what they love.

This probably hits home closest to me. I do what I love and want others to have the same chance to make their living doing what they love. And if it helps the environment and my health in the process then that's even better.

So from now on Thursdays (yes I know its Friday) I'll write about what's going on at the local farmer's market, what's in season, the stories from the local vendors and some great recipes to go along.

But  in honor of Chocolate Friday I give you Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies made with the local honey I purchased at the market. Its from Sale Creek Honey and you can find it here and order online. Its wonderful. Its a small operation and his bees are happy and doing great. That's the beauty of bees that are local and moved very little. I substitued honey for regular sugar in this recipe and I loved the honey flavor that came through.

Oatmeal Cookies
1 1/2 cups self rising flour
3 cups Quick Cook Oats
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
8 oz unsalted butter - room temperature
1 cup packed brown sugar
3/4 cup local honey
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

Cream butter and sugar together in a mixer and add honey and eggs. Add vanilla and then the flour and oats. Stir in the Chocolate chips and scoop onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 14 - 16 minutes.

Makes roughly 36 cookies


  1. I couldn't agree more about Farmer's Markets...they are so good for my soul! I'm sure these cookies are amazing...I've never added honey before and I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks!

  2. mmmmmm.....honey and oatmeal, I think I'm can only imagine how good those taste.......
    thanks for sharing such a wonderful cookie recipe!

  3. These oatmeal cookies sound simple and tasty-would love one or two with hot tea...


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