Monday, April 19, 2010

The Top Essentials for a Kitchen Garden

When I went from crafting and knitting this winter to more gardening work, my husband asked if that was the end of my knitting.

Then when I spent most of my weekend outside in the garden my husband asked if I was going to stop cooking and baking because of the gardening he got a little worried.

But they are not mutually exclusive of each other.

I have a rule. When I have a lot of things to catch up on say outside - other chores will have to take a backseat or I will drive myself crazy with the length of my to do list. That being said - its gardening time and the first thing up is:

 The Good Neighbor Garden

My neighbor and I came up with this last year. A way for us to pool our resources and share the bounty of a garden in our neighborhood. We learned alot and are rearing to go this year. So I bring you the essential components to a beginning Kitchen Garden.

1. Basil - and more basil and then more...
2. Tomatoes - We are growing Brandwine and Romas
3. Cilantro - its the essential summer ingredient
4. Fennel  - Its not just for winter...
5. Nasturtiums - For a more colorful salad experience
6. Green Peppers
7. Dill
8. Thyme
9. Lemon Thyme
10. Majoram

On the bench: We've actually tossed back and forth adding a Blueberry and a raspberry bush as well. I mean why not add fruit with our garden if possible right?

What's your essentail component to a Kitchen Garden?


  1. DEFINITELY add a raspberry bush! one of my fondest childhood memories is eating fresh black raspberries off the vine from my grandpas garden. you just cant beat that.

  2. I vote yes to the blueberry bushes! I have six. Three different varieties for cross polination.
    My kitchen garden had to have beans. I planted one row of green beans and two rows of limas. My two year old can't get enough limas. He also got two rows of okra. What we can't eat fresh from the garden, I plan to slice, roll in flour and freeze on cookie sheets.

  3. Don't forget cucumbers and chiles! I love Anaheim for the flavor and will try serrano this year for the heat. I'll also be trying some ivory bell peppers this year. Should be interesting!

  4. Great post love the kitchen garden pictures. When you get a chance come stop and check out my outside garden. :)

  5. I love the basil as well, plus I have garlic growing since last summer, the combo of the two is a match made in heaven. I also have the toms, various hot chilies, cukes, Asian long beans, bush beans. I am trying my hand at various herbs and strawberries. Good stuff Maynard.

  6. Have you considered mint and rosemary? Both easy to grow and useful. I'd try the mint in large pots or planters ... it has a tendency to spread.


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