Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frozen Chocolate Yogurt Recipe - Chocolate Fridays

Well Chocolate Friday was a little late this week - about 20 minutes late.

You can blame it on the power tools. In my quest to get my overgrown back yard back in shape I worked outside until dark. My neighbor let me use his leaf blower. It changed my life. In fact the past few years the trees have been winning by burying me and my yard in their cast off leaves. But the offensive today with the leaf blower changed the tide.

I can actually see my driveway... Score.

And back to our regularly scheduled program...
You would think this recipe is for a rich chocolatey ice cream. You would be wrong.

This recipe actually has only two ingredients. And still this recipe is just wonderful. I love Greek Yogurt and I love bittersweet chocolate. And so I experimented to see if I could make a chocolate frozen yogurt.

And frozen chocolate yogurt I made. It's rich, and you will truly enjoy this as much as chocolate ice cream.

1 17 oz container 0% Greek Yogurt (room temperature)
8 oz bittersweet chocolate (melted)

Melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 2 minutes - 3 minutes (stop every minute or so to mix) until just melted. Combine with room temperature yogurt and place into ice cream maker and freeze according to instructions until done.

Enjoy the fat and calories you're not eating.


  1. Wow.
    Only two ingredients and that kind of payoff? Bookmarking right now and trying it as soon as I get my hands on some good chocolate. THanks!

  2. Oh my, I will try this soon since its so easy, looks delicious and I have all the ingredients!

  3. Hello. I'm from Germany and I've a question. Does 1 17oz means 117oz? Or has this space has a special meaning?
    Greetings Lisa

  4. Sorry it's one 17 oz container of Greek yogurt

  5. greek yogurt = milk
    chocolate = sugar

  6. My husband loves indoctrinating others to the joys of major league power/yard tools. ;-)

    Loving the frozen chocolate yogurt!!

  7. so what would you use if you didn't have access to greek yogurt? I feel like I live in the dark ages haha, greek yogurt is so hip now!

  8. Google it but I'm pretty sure if you get regular non-fat yogurt and drain it in cheesecloth overnight you will get almost the same consistency.

  9. Just draining about 6 hours in a muslin (cheesecloth bag) in the refrigerator gets you a good Greek yogurt. I've done this several times now as it is impossible to get affordable low fat Greek yogurt in Singapore. We have the regular fat ones here and the Fage brand which is about 2x the price of a normal yogurt.

    This recipe rocks! Have been searching for something like.

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  11. Rosy,
    I'm very excited about this recipe. I made some frozen yogurt (using my brand new and very spiffy Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker) a couple of weeks ago and to me, the yogurt was a little tangy. Does this recipe solve that dilemna: the sourness of the yogurt?

  12. I did find the bittersweet choc overcame a lot of the tanginess.

  13. Thanks! Otherwise, I was thinking the yogurt was all going to be "fruity" flavored and the ice cream would be the only chocolate/nut stuff. Did you by chance try it with a lighter "milk chocolate"? (I'm just full of questions, aren't I?)

  14. I think I could live off of this. Yum!

  15. the beauty of yogurt has no bounds. YUM!

  16. Thanks for the idea! I melted several leftover chocolate easter eggs, stirred them into the yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder (darker is better) - put it in the freezer for all of 1/2 hour before I broke down and ate it. AMAZING!

  17. would this work with regular plain yogurt?? Instead of greek yogurt

  18. Could I make this in a stand mixer, blender, or food processor? I don't have an ice cream maker. Thanks! Sounds yummy!


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