Friday, June 11, 2010

Cucumber Salad

Everyone has their special dishes that remind them of the summers of their childhood.

My childhood memory is a wonderful tomato cucumber salad.

My mother would make it as a side dish and it was just wonderful. To this day it reminds me of having omelets for dinner when my mother would add leftover little thin Italian sausages from grilling the day before. She would throw in peppers, sausages and parmesean cheese.

Since I don't have any tomatoes, I wanted to make a cucumber only version that's easy and a perfect side dish until tomatoes come into season.

Simple Cucumber Salad
1 large cucumber sliced
1/2 medium red onion sliced
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbsp dill
Salt and pepper to taste

Slice the cucumbers & red onion and toss together. In a separate bowl add the vinegar and sugar together. Measure olive oil in a measuring cup and while whisking the vinegar pour the olive oil in a steam until the dressing comes together. Add the dill and pour over the cucumber salad. Season with salt and pepper. Lightly toss.


  1. What a pretty salad! Thanks for sitting across from me today, even though my machine was making awful noises. It was a pleasure to meet you and Varinia! I didn't know you drove from TN, you should have gotten major bonus points for that.

  2. wow rosy! I have the exact same childhood memory!!

    i make this salad ALL THE TIME as a cucumber addict and it empresses people EVERY TIME. i even get requests for it; little do they realize its SO SIMPLE!

    Thank you for sharing this :) nice work!

  3. This is so pretty and my kind of salad - simple and fresh. Did you mandoline the cukes or are you just amazing with a knife?

  4. It's a mandoline. I strive to be that good with a knife


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