Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sewing Trip To Atlanta - Part I

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I've been on a mini-break from blogging. But the adventure that preceeded my mini-break is worth telling you about. It all started last year when I got sewing lessons for my best friend for her birthday. We took the class together and I chronicled it in some previous posts.

Since then she has sewn some adorable dresses for her little girl Sabina. Recently she saw that Dana from Made was going to be at Whipstich in Atlanta for a sewing demonstration and a "Mystery Workshop" So she bought us the last two spots before it sold out.

So we went to our workshop last Saturday in Atlanta.

First of all Dana from made was amazing! So friendly and creative. She demonstrated in the first part of the morning some great little girl's dresses that she makes from large t-shirts and some great tips on how to create your own pattern for sewing. (sometimes taking apart clothing to see how its made is the best way)

Then in the afternoon we had our "Mystery Workshop"

We got two different pieces of fabric, buttons and different pieces to us in our garment. The "Mystery" ingredient was elastic thread. Which is also the ingredient in smocking garments. Which I didn't know. So I found the mystery ingredient a great idea.

So after we opened these presents we commenced on a Project Runway style competition. There were some great projects created.

I will not, however, show you my project since I didn't finish it. But the biggest reason is that I wasn't a fan of the fabric.(Brown and Turquoise are not my colors) But I will say that I was really inspired by the workshop and I'm look forward to continuing some crafts of my own at home.

A big thanks to my best friend, Varinia for giving me such a great class and our fellow table mate Larissa who has a lovely blog you should definitely check out. She was worried her sewing machine noises were bothering me but that really was the least of my worries.

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  1. Aw, Tiffany! Thanks for your kind words and the link, and it was a pleasure to meet you. Dana was awesome, huh?


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