Monday, August 23, 2010

Made By You Monday - Embroidered Pillow

I still remember the summer I spent with my grandparents, aunts and uncles in Mississippi. For one thing, it was extremely hot and I was from Florida. But I remember my aunts teaching me how to cross-stitch. All of the cross stiching they had done over the years seemed so intricate and beautiful. So they gave me some supplies and taught me. It wasn't a pretty start. The diagram alone made my brain hurt and the back looked atrocious.  I never really took it up again.

This year in my nesting research and adventures, I found Sublime Stitching. I loved their modern patterns and different approach to embroidery in general. I knew I had to try it again. However, I tried some different embroidery stitches and this time it just seemed to make sense. It was also a perfect activity to do while on the couch, watching baseball in the summer, since it's way too hot for knitting.

One of the quotes I read from Jenny Hart, the founder of Sublime Stiching, in favor of embroidery, was that it was relaxing and soothing. I completely agree. With the little hours that I have in the day its nice to relax on the couch and also create something instead of feeling guilty of just relaxing. The first project I decided on was a pillow for a friend that is getting married. I wanted to make a pillow with love birds until I found a beautiful transfer from Sublime Stiching with two peacocks. It was perfect.

It's my first finished embroidered project and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I even added some sequins to the feathers of the peacocks for a little something extra. I cannot wait to start on my next project and hopefully the warm weather holds out a little longer so I can continue embroidering before knitting projects start calling my name.

There really aren't enough hours in the day...Patience. 


  1. Your first project? Wow -that's some skill. Love this. Embroidery can be as addictive as knitting! Check out the Raggedy Anne I'm almost done on my blog! (Found you from Made by You Mondays, BTW)

  2. Looks great. My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was very young, and I just began doing it again a few months ago. I love it! I have been trying to figure out how to add it to my scarves. The only thing I havne't totally solved is that somethings the wrong side of the stiching isn't that pretty.

  3. I love this! You are such a talented and creative daugter-in-law.We are very proud of you!

  4. That turned out really nice! Love it! Keep up the beautiful work!


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