Monday, November 29, 2010

A Baker Inspired Advent Calendar

Use mini brioche tins to create a baker inspired Advent calendar.

Advent calendars played a major role in my childhood. My mother would get a special chocolate Advent calendar and my sister and I would flip on who would get the even days or odd days. I would always want the even days because the 24th got the biggest chocolate...My sister who was younger than me didn't figure that out until a few years later. 


Since I've started blogging I've seen the most creative takes on Advent calendars. On craft blogs especially I've seen so many wonderful takes on the Advent calendar from bobbins to spools of thread there are about a million ways to interpret the Advent calendar. 

For about a couple of years I've been meaning to make the Advent calendar from The Purl Bee. It's a beautiful felt Advent calendar. As soon as I found it, I went out and bought all of the supplies. 

I still haven't started it...

I realized that this was a larger undertaking for a career girl who is cooking, baking, blogging and entertaining for the holidays. Then I realized, I haven't seen too many foodie takes on an Advent calendar so I set-off to develop my own easy to make calendar for the kitchen. It didn't take long until I found these adorable mini brioche tins at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I was instantly inspired.

Then I set-out to get the rest of my supplies. Hobby Lobby and Target were my next stops. Target was the surprise that had in their scrapbooking section, a packet of Advent calendar rub-on transfers that had all the numbers necessary for my calendar. (Get two packages in case you mess up like I did)

25 mini brioche tins
1 package 50 magnets
2 packets of Advent Calendar rub-ons
1 packet of Glittered Cardstock paper
1 can spray adhesive
Scrapbook circle punch (1 1/2 in) - scalloped edge

  1. Rub on the numbers from 1 - 25 on the cardstock and use your 1 1/2 inch scrapbook hole punch to cut them all out. 
  2. Use the spray adhesive to glue the numbers inside the brioche mini tins
  3. Glue the Magnets to the back of the tins
  4. Arrange the numbers of your Advent calendar on your refrigerator
  5. Place notes of directions where the treats or presents are located under each number


  1. How precious! What a fantastic idea. Love it.

  2. super cute! love the idea of doing this on the fridge!

  3. So cute! And so easy, which makes it even better!
    Makes me wish I had a fridge I could use magnets on. (Unfortunately, my beloved KitchenAid side-by-side is stainless steel... so no magnets for me)

  4. I love a new Advent calendar each year. It doesn't have to be elaborate and the fun each day is the prize.

    Love the use of the tins. Choose your own food adventure!


  5. Okay, I'm really late commenting. I read it on the date but just managed to wander back to comment. I. Love. This. So creative!!

  6. Great diy - even a year later!!! I've included you in my Friday Favorites at Shrimp Salad Circus!

    - Lindsay


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