Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Toile Table Runner

There is no better "Made for You Mondays" project than coming up with a table runner for Thanksgiving.

When you have a square dining room table, table runners become a more important necessity for linens. I've convinced myself that eventually square dining room tables will be popular and I'm on the cutting edge. You can rarely find square dining room linens. 

Along with the conundrum of square tablecloths, during this fall season I've discovered a love for incorporating burlap into my table runners. I did it for a nesting themed bridal shower I hosted at my house and decided to try it again for Thanksgiving. So off I went to Hobby Lobby to find another fabric that might offset the unfinished look of the burlap. I found it in a beautiful toile design that not only matched but also kept a neutral pallete that might let me use this table runner on a regular basis...


What you'll need:
Burlap fabric that is 24" w 108" L (my table is 54")
Corresponding fabric  - 18" w x 82" L
Spool of chocolate brown or ivory thread

I didn't hem the burlap as I wanted it to look rustic. So I ironed a 1/2 " seam on the toile and laid it over  the burlap (you should have around three inches from the finished edge of the toile and the end of the burlap) With your sewing machine sewing the toile to the burlap.

For now my Holiday linen problems are solved...until Christmas...


  1. So beautiful! I wish I were a seamstress sometime. I love the look of the refined toile with the rustic burlap. Gorgeous.


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