Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lemon Flavored French Toast

This may look like your average French toast but it's not.

Almost every winter when it's so bitter cold you can't stand it anymore, I start to crave citrus. I crave it in my bones like my body is trying to take me back to my days in Florida where the temperature never got below 50 degrees. Even when it did my parents forced us to wear ski jackets. 

You might have seen that I've been on a French toast kick lately. I cannot defend this action except to say that French toast is easy and time is something of a precious commodity these days.  Recently, I needed to buy lemon flavoring (you'll find it next to the vanilla in your baking aisle) in order to make the Panettone recipe in my "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" cookbook. I loved how the flavoring permeated the bread and thought it would be a great addition to French toast as well.When using lemon flavoring just use it in place of your vanilla (1 tsp) and then combine it with the zest of a lemon and add them both into the egg batter mixture.

It was a welcome change from my normal French toast recipe. Now if I could only transport myself back to Florida.


  1. Might I come to your house for breakfast?

  2. hmm I've never considered adding lemon flavour to my french toast but it sounds appetizing

  3. Delicious looking french toast! I love the addition of lemon. Definitely going to give it a shot :]

    <3 Marea @TheFoodieFixx

  4. Keep the french toast coming, I love breakfast! I need some florida too, it's cold here!

  5. Great idea! I sometimes add a little orange juice and zest to my usual french toast recipe, but the lemon sounds like a nice twist on the same idea.
    PS - There is no such thing as too much French toast. It simply isn't possible.

  6. Lemon zest adds a nice freshness. will try it next time.

  7. I love the crispness that citrus adds! Orange and lemon can make dishes so bright! (which is great in the winter when the days are cloudy...)


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