Monday, December 13, 2010

Made For You Monday: Easy Wine Bags

Some people are so talented with their hands. 

These people are a wealth of creativity and have no problem coming up with enough inspiration and ideas to make all their Christmas gifts. I admire such people. I love the idea of handmade gifts. I love the idea of the personal touch it gives the recipient and knowing that there isn't anything else like the gift you've just given. 

I don't like the time it takes to make a handmade gift for every person I know.

When you're a working girl you rarely have time to make dinner let alone gifts unless you start in September or October. But then you need the time to think of that in September and October and make your plan. No doubt it's a vicious circle. I've found out myself through following tons of talented craft blogs that there is a middle ground. So recently when I was invited to a Hannukkah party and I knew I wanted to bring a bottle of wine to the hostess and a friend of mine that would also be there, I decided to make the wine bag to give it a personal touch. 

I used some leftover burlap (I keep a stash at all times) and some felt to make a rose and the leaves to decorate it. The wine bag was pretty simple. I cut it out in one piece and sewed the sides together which left me an automatic handle.

1 piece of burlap that is approximately 30" long and 10" wide. 
Sewing Machine and thread (I used brown thread)
Hot Glue gun
Glue Sticks
Red felt
Green felt

Fold the burlap over so the fold is at the top of the wine bottle. Cut out a larger form of the wine bottle tapering down slightly at the neck and leaving two inches on all sides.  It should come out in one piece. Then pin the sides together with a 1/4" seam allowance and sew the sides and bottom together. Make sure not to sew too far up past where  the neck of the bottle begins because you will need enough room to get the bottle in the bag.

Now to make the rose. This part is not hard either. Cut out a 8" diameter circle of red felt. Start and the edge and begin to cut a spiral all the way to the inside of the circle. There is a great tutorial here which is where I got the idea to make the roses.

Then cut out two leaves per rose. Just hot glue the rose and the leaves to the front of the wine bag and you're done. It felt great to put a handmade touch on something that was a gift. It didn't take too much time and they loved it - after I explained to them that I didn't get it at World Market.


  1. Oh I like that. I have a bottle to gift this week. Think I need to go get some fabric. But going with a ribbon instead of your pretty rose. I would never do your rose justice.

  2. Tiffany - what a great idea and it's so reusable. This is something that when you make one, just sew up several more to have on hand. Thank you for the inspiration...I need to get my sewing machine out. It's been way too long since its been used. ;)

  3. You killed it with this! We buy coffee on our way home from Jamaica that comes wrapped in the same material. Rustic but exciting. And wine as a gift always works. That is why I make my own!


  4. Really beautiful, quick and easy! I'll make up a bunch of these to have on hand...thanks for posting this!

  5. Those wine bags are gorgeous--great idea for a hostess gift! I've posted them in my Link Love roundup on FaveCrafts Blog:


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