Monday, February 7, 2011

Made for You Monday: Easy Knitted Blanket

After an extremely cold December, I promised myself that I would definitely knit my first blanket. I've always been discouraged from knitting blankets. Even my knitting instructor made it sound extremely tedious. When your cold it doesn't matter how tedious something is, as long as it will promise warmth and give my cold fingers something to do when I'm on the couch watching a movie.

So I set about a plan to make my blanket. I had size 20 knitting needles but I didn't have circular needles which is the way most blankets are knitted. Instead of getting large circular needles I decided to attack this project in two stages. I would knit two separate panels of 20 stitches across and 4 skeins long of yarn each and then I figure out how to attach them. 

I originally was going to stitch the two panels together and then I found some lovely leftover ribbon from a pottery barn gift that someone had given me that matched the lovely Ivory color of the blanket. I cut the ribbon into 2-3 inch strips and tied them about every few inches to create one large blanket.

I loved the outcome. I have a very warm blanket that will help me fight the cold and wish for Spring.

Houston Cream - Lion Bran Extra Bulky Yarn (8 skeins)
Size 20 knitting needles
Ribbon (Any width you like roughly 12-24 inches)
Directions: Cast on 20 stitches across and knit through 4 skeins of yarn using the garter stitch. Repeat with second panel. Attach both panels with ribbon cut to 2 to 3 inches each (depending on how big you want your bows and how many to secure the panels together)


  1. I like this a lot!! Big chunky yarn is my favorite, it so warm & cozy :) Tying the sections together is a great idea, very cute! Now I need to find some size 20 needles :)

  2. Your blanket turned out really cute. Knitting blankets can actually be really satisfying, especially if you use big needles because it goes fast - plus the project keeps you warm while you are making it. That's a complete win-win situation if you ask me.

  3. It's a lovely one. I love the color. And the tied ribbons add special charm. Wonderful work!

  4. I was only able to find some Size 17 needles but I'm working on my own blanket right now!!!!! I actually wanted mine to be a little bigger and cast on 45 stitches rather than 20 but cannot wait to snuggle up with it when it's all done :)

    Thanks for the post!!! It's an amazing idea!

  5. I am definitely going to do this one as soon as I finish my daughters Halloween hat (just finished matching scarf both in black and orange).

  6. Can't find this yarn anywhere! Don't know if it's discontinued or what, but I can't find it. Is there another Lion Brand yarn that's comparable? Thanks :)

  7. I can't find size 20 needles anywhere. Would a size 19 work?

  8. Is this the lion brand hometown USA yarn? There are several lion brand yarns.

  9. can not find size 20 needle. Will 19 work> Also what is the finished size?


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