Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fig Stuffed French Toast

These days just being able to get the strength to get food in my mouth feels like a great feat. Then there are days when I feel like my old self and I jump out of bed on a Saturday morning and feel like I need to take advantage of any small bit of energy I feel.

Recently I went to Mississippi on business and had the chance to see my family.  My cousin correctly pointed out how alike I was to them. I love cooking, baking, preserving and canning things along with new newer love of knitting and embroidery. Some of these things I remember learning during my summers and Thanksgiving visits to see them as a child. My aunt, the pie baker of the family, was on her way to see me and called to ask if I wanted some of her fig preserves...

Uh YES, Yes I do...

So when I got home with these beloved jars I made sure that I would put them to good use. I had some delicious dense multi-grain bread that I thought would be the perfect ingredient for stuffed French Toast.  So I took a couple of pieces of the bread and spread some cream cheese in the middle and topped it with the delicious fig preserves. I dipped the "sandwich" into an egg batter and fried it up. A great weekend breakfast to use up some badly needed energy.


  1. Oh wow, that is really really interesting. Sounds fantastic!

  2. Wow - absolutely gorgeous! I'll bet that these made for a wonderful brunch. I imagine that they're hearty, robust, and filling. Great recipe!

  3. What awesome French toast. Really kicks things up a notch.


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